Even though permanent makeup has been around over 100 years, it can be hard to know what to expect from the healing process of a cosmetic tattoo.

We all know that aftercare protocol is extremely important in tattooing and much like its traditional counterpart, cosmetic tattooing is no different. The proper aftercare for cosmetic tattooing is very important for the long term success and satisfaction of any permanent makeup procedure. Cosmetic Tattooing tools

So what can you expect from a Cosmetic Tattoo?

Every procedure will appear darker until it has healed into the skin. The approximate healing process for each procedure depends on the location, but is generally less than 10 days. Here are a few standard timelines for healing:

  • Eyebrows: 7-10 Days
  • Lips: ~5 Days
  • Eyes: 5-7 Days

While in the healing process, no makeup is permitted on the treatment area. A new tube of mascara is also highly recommended after an eyeliner procedure. As well as makeup, swimming, hot tubs, or saunas are not permitted. Remember, this is an open wound and needs to be treated as such!

Working out and sweating is fine, but be conscious of excess face sweating and rock the 80’s hairband if necessary. Avoid any direct sun exposure in the first 30 days or tanning after the procedure to limit any premature fading.

Right after the procedure you can expect your brows to look much darker, your lips will appear like they have a bright pop of colour, and your eyes will feel scratchy and tender.

After the expected heal time, all procedure areas will remain tender. Your skin needs thirty days to go through a full regeneration cycle. At this point, you will be seen for your follow-up treatment. This is to ensure everything has healed nicely and to make any necessary tweaks to perfect your cosmetic tattoo.

Aftercare Protocol

Good news? We will go over all of the important aftercare steps with you before you leave the clinic.  A full protocol will be provided so there are no lingering questions about how to keep your procedure looking amazing.

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