There are a few questions we often hear before clients come in for their first Cosmetic Tattooing appointment and “does it hurt” is definitely up there on the list.

At Pennylane Dermal Solutions, our professional technician does not include pain in her vocabulary. The technician is permitted to use two different topical anaesthetics during your procedure to ensure comfort. You will definitely feel it, but pain isn’t generally the experience for most of our clients. The level of pain felt depends on each individual client’s pain threshold, but is more often described as “scratchy” at the worst.

At best? Many ladies have enjoyed a nice cat nap during the procedure. women with cosmetic tattooing

Of course pain is subjective, but most topical numbing creams are perfectly able to keep you comfortable during the entire process. When performed in any reputable clinic by a professional or certified esthetician, cosmetic tattooing is a very safe and painless procedure.

But what if I blink during my eyeliner procedure?

During all of our eyeliner procedures, the eyes generally remain closed. Even if you wanted to blink, your eyelid will be stretched in such a manner that you would physically not be able to. The best thing you can do for any cosmetic tattooing procedure is just relax and trust our professionals to explain every part of the process.

If you have any questions about pain levels, the safety of our procedures, or just what to expect from your permanent makeup procedure, feel free to call us at 1 519-750-3500 or email to book a consultation appointment. You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see more examples of our work! If you’d like to see examples of our pricing, please visit our services page.