Did you know that Helen Mirren has microbladed eyebrows? That’s cosmetic tattooing.

This 72-year old screen icon is proof that there is no age limit to permanent makeup! Just like traditional makeup. So, if something makes you feel confident and beautiful, then don’t let anything stop you! We believe that the benefits are universal for anyone looking for a fresh glow and a natural looking lift. Cosmetic Tattooing Tools

We have clients that range from 13 (for medical reasons) all the way to 93! No matter your age, there are benefits for everyone. If you’re a mature person and you’ve ever thought you’re too old for cosmetic tattooing, think again! Here are some benefits specifically for you:

Skip the everyday makeup routine.

No matter how gracefully we age, things get more difficult over time. So, deteriorating eyesight can make applying makeup more difficult and hand tremors only add to the frustration. It may seem innocuous in everyday life, but they are a common part of aging significantly affecting your makeup routine. Subtle eyeliner along the lash line or that perfectly lined cupid’s bow doesn’t need to be a thing of the past.

Permanent makeup can give everyone at every age the benefits of makeup, added facial symmetry and that much needed boost of self confidence.

Combats hairloss and thinning.

Sparse eyebrows can be a frustrating thing! Full and thick eyebrows create a frame for the face that can provide that subtle lift to your features. But, cosmetic tattooing can help slow down the aging process. By providing added depth along the scalp, covering up any discolouration, and creating full, natural looking brows, permanent makeup can bring a youthful glow back to your face.

Microblading and eyelash enhancement draws attention to the eyes, creating a stronger arch and framing the face in a way that makes you appear younger. Lip blushing refreshes the face and gives it a beauty-from-within look. Anyone struggling with insecurities that stem from aging could find some confidence from a cosmetic tattooing procedure. Allow yourself to rediscover and embrace your natural beauty.

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