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Botox – pricing based on consultation

Dysport – $8.00 per unit

Restylane – $500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my treatment?2020-08-07T23:32:46+00:00

In order to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site, avoid any medications such as anti-coagulants and anti-inflammatories that can prolong bleeding, the week before receiving the treatment. After the injection, it’s best not to apply makeup for 12 hours and avoid sunbathing or high temperatures for one week. Your practitioner can advise you further.

How long will my results last?2020-08-07T23:32:30+00:00

The results are long-lasting! Depending on the specific saypha® injectable product used, the injection area and the individual dispositions of the skin, the results can last for several months and up to a year.

Are there possible side effects?2020-08-07T23:32:15+00:00

saypha® injectable fillers are compatible with your skin and manufactured under the strictest safety protocols. You will typically be able to return to daily activities immediately after your treatment. You may experience some post-treatment temporary tenderness, redness, swelling or bruising in the injected area. These symptoms are usually mild, diminishing each day, and will disappear within seven days. Your practitioner may have you apply an ice pack for a brief period immediately after the injection to help soothe any swelling.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?2020-08-07T23:31:56+00:00

The injections are done with very fine needles and we’ve added lidocaine to our products for an experience that’s very well tolerated. Additionally, your practitioner can apply an anesthetic cream for added comfort prior to your treatment.

What if I’m not sure exactly what I need?2020-08-07T23:31:41+00:00

This is where your practitioner’s skill and experience come into play. And it’s a collaboration – you and your practitioner discuss together a treatment plan to get the results you are looking for. Your practitioner uses saypha® injectables to get the optimal improvement.

How does an HA dermal filler work?2020-08-07T23:31:27+00:00

Due to the properties of hyaluronic acid, once injected, it has an instant, visible, volumizing effect on the skin, and provides longer-term binding with water thereby increasing hydration. Unwanted folds and wrinkles can be “plumped up” to reduce their appearance, resulting in a smoother, more youthful-looking skin. There’s no preliminary allergy test required, and a treatment may take as little as 15 minutes. You can return to your daily activities immediately afterwards.

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