With thick brows coming back into style, microblading has become an incredibly popular procedure. Providing a soft, natural look, it is the go-to procedure for many people dealing with sparse eyebrows.

First, what is microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that can help create thicker, more symmetrical brows. A manual tool is used to create feather-like hair strokes with colour pigment in the dermis layer of the skin. The results are natural looking, hairlike strokes that heal soft for a more subtle look. Lady getting microblading

So, does that mean we need to remove your existing brow hair?

Short answer? No.

The hair already on your brow helps to create and maintain a natural look that frames your face. Shaving off your eyebrows also removes any natural depth added to your brows by the hair and can create issues when they grow back in.

Instead, we start out by mapping out a client’s face. Using a series of mathematical measurements, we determine the best brow placement based on your natural bone structure. At this point a template is drawn on and we begin the process. Oftentimes, we don’t change the entire shape of the brow. Instead, we enhance your natural shape by lifting an arch or filling in more sparse areas like the brow tail.

If there is any natural brow hair that falls outside of the drawn structure, our trained technician will explain and ask permission before removing any hairs. Other than that, we leave the eyebrow hair in place to create the most natural look possible. A reputable clinic will never ask to shave off your existing brows as this can affect the results as they grow in again.

When the procedure is finished, we will provide you with a thorough aftercare protocol that outlines the care and steps you need to take during the healing process to ensure the best possible healed result. Keep in mind, all cosmetic tattooing procedures appear darker directly following the procedure.

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