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Designer Brows

Your new designer brows will give an instant lift to your face, potentially taking years off your look. Pennylane will consult with you and determine what your “brow goals” are. She uses only premium quality products to ensure minimal discomfort with maximum results. A series of mathematical measurements will be done to tailor the brow to the individual and their bone structure. Pennylane will select the colour based on your skin tone and natural brow colour. She always works reserved. Meaning, she can always darken it up if needed on the follow up visit if necessary. A less is more approach. When brow hair is removed from over waxing and over plucking it never really comes back. Were you a part of the 90’s skinny brow, or victim of a bad wax job? Penny is very understanding of the trust given by her clients to tattoo them a perfect brow and potentially change their life.

Microblading is a manual method of implanting colour into the skin. Superficial scratches are made in the skin to create simulated hair like strokes that blend with the natural brow. This type of tattoo is a great way to add more substance and structure to the existing brow. This is for the client that seeks ultra natural results. Microblading is not suitable for all skin types and will,require touch up colour boosts every 12-24 months.

Powder/ shading/ombré  
This method of eyebrow tattooing is done using a machine and the highest quality needles in specific configurations to determine desired outcome. It can create a light dusting of colour to create soft edges, or a heavier more concentrated brow can be achieved. This is for the client seeking a stronger brow with a more polished makeup look. Colour depth and saturation varies from client to client depending on the look they are after. Touch ups are required every 12-36 months depending on skin type.

Combination/hybrid brow
This technique utilizes both bet holds of tattooing, manual and machine. This is a great way to modify the existing brow shape with a seamless transition. Delicate hairstrokes can build up a brow structure, while incorporating soft shading for undetectable brow perfection. Pennylane will advise which method she feels is best for your skin type and desired outcome. As a certified cosmetic tattooist, she is well versed in all methods.

permanent makeup - microblading eyebrows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattooing?2019-09-18T09:57:57+00:00

It is a method of implanting colour into the skin. It can be done with a manual hand tool or a machine. It’s an art form for a professional to place colour into the dermis layer of the skin to create soft natural looking effects. You can enhance your eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour. This gives the client the ability to shorten their morning makeup routine and achieve the best symmetrical balance on the face to lift and brighten ones appearance.

Why is it called permanent if it fades?2019-09-18T09:57:31+00:00

It is called permanent makeup because the molecules implanted into the skin always remain, but the colour will fade over time. The pigments used are specially formulated for these procedures.

There are many reasons your cosmetic tattoo will fade. Internal and external factors such as sun exposure, skin care products that are exfoliating and anti-aging along, oily skin along with medications and general health of the client.

Determining how long it will last is dependant in many of these are never committed for life as you can easily transition from your faded procedure and just use it as a guildeline to follow for your own application of makeup products.

Or you can see your professional for a colour boosting touch up every one to three years.

Microblading vs Powder brow2019-09-18T09:57:06+00:00

Microblading is a manual method of implanting colour into the skin. It creates realistic simulated hair, by mimicking the natural growth pattern of the brow. It heals very very soft and is not appropriate for all skin types or desired looks.

Powder brow is just a different technique for getting colour in the skin. It’s a stronger healed appearance, yet soft and powdery. Long gone are the days of the sharpie magic marker eyebrows.

Often times a combination of both techniques are used to get the best end result for the individual. This will be up to the professional to discuss with you.

Does it hurt? 2019-09-18T09:56:36+00:00

The professional technician is permitted to use two different topical anaesthetics during your procedure to ensure comfort. You will feel it, but pain is not part of the vocabulary. It may feel scratchy at worst. Many ladies have enjoyed a cat nap during procedure!

Do you remove my existing brow hair?2019-09-18T09:56:09+00:00

After a series of mathematical measurements are taken to determine proper brow placement on the individuals face according to their bone structure a template brow is drawn on. If there is natural brow hair that falls outside of the drawn structure, then the technician will explain and ask permission to remove those few hairs. Other than that we leave the hair there to create the most natural look.

Can I go to work? What is the healing process?2019-09-18T09:55:42+00:00

Yes, yes, yes.
Brows will present darker in colour until they heal into the tissue. Healing time is about seven to ten days.
Lips will look darker also, like you have a good pop of lipstick on.
Eyes will feel scratchy and tender like you have had a good cry. A cold compress is recommended.
All proceedures are darker until they’ve healed into the skin. Brows take about seven to ten days, eyes are five to seven and lips are about five days. No makeup is permitted on the treatment areas during the healing process and a new tube of mascara is highly recommended after eyeliner procedure. No swimming, hot tubs or saunas are permitted during heal time. It is an open wound and needs to be cared for as such. Working out and sweating is fine, just be conscious of excessive face sweating and rock the 80’s headband if necessary.
After this heal time all procedure areas will still remain tender as the skin needs thirty days to go through a full regeneration cycle. Then you will be seen for your follow up treatment to ensure everything has healed nicely and make any necessary tweaks to perfect your cosmetic tattoo. You will be provided an aftercare protocol following your procedure to aid in obtaining the best healed results.

Am I too old for cosmetic tattooing?2019-09-18T09:55:06+00:00

If you still feel it necessary to look good and feel good, then you are never too old!

Creating natural looking enhancements to brighten and lift is appropriate for all ages. We have had clients ranging from thirteen (medical reasons) to ninety-three!! If you want it, go get it!

Can I have cosmetic tattooing done while pregnant or nursing?2019-09-18T09:54:41+00:00

Absolutely not. It does not comply with our code of ethics. Firstly, we are entering into the bloodstream with anaesthetics and pigments. Everything will be passed to baby in uterine or nursing. Secondly, hormones are in a constant flux and can hinder healed results.

What if I’ve ever had a cold sore?2019-09-18T09:53:44+00:00

Cold sores are only relevant when doing a lip blushing tattoo. If you have EVER in your life had a cold sore, even if it was thirty years ago you will need a prescription from your physician for an antiviral medication. You may as well get two, so your prepared for the follow up appointment. The herpes virus can live dormant in the body for many many years. Causing trauma to the lip during tattooing can spike the virus to react causing an outbreak of painful cold sores and can hinder healing.

About half our clients fall into this category and have had great success Preventing cold sores using the antiviral.

If I had previous permanent makeup done can I still book with you ?2019-09-18T09:53:14+00:00

Yes, absolutely. You will however be required a consultation first.

Do you correct bad brows?2019-09-18T09:50:00+00:00

Yes. With the growing popularity of microblading came with it a lot of problems. In experienced persons performing these procedures and causing excessive trauma to the tissue creating scars, improper colour selection, poor shapes and lack of symmetry.

Extensive training in corrections and removal has been a part of the ongoing education obtained.

I’m Scared of moving during eyeliner tattoo2019-09-18T09:49:27+00:00

Eyes generally remain closed during eyeliner procedure. The eyelid is stretched in such a manner that the client can’t even blink. The best thing you can do is just relax and trust the professional to explain every part of the process.

Can I still wear traditional makeup?2019-09-17T09:22:10+00:00

Yes. Permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Wearing additional makeup is a personal choice.

How long does a procedure take?2019-09-17T09:21:39+00:00

The consultation and initial procedure are done in the same session and will take approximately two hours. This includes a discussion on colour selection and desired outcome of the procedure. A second session is booked a minimum of two weeks later. Finishing touches and adjusting the colour depth will take place, if needed at this time. Sometimes a third session may be required. All sessions are included in the initial price.

Is permanent makeup painful and what is the healing process2019-09-17T09:20:19+00:00

With the use of topical anesthetics specifically formulated for the application of permanent cosmetics, the discomfort is greatly reduced. Most describe it as slightly irritating. There may be some swelling and redness in the skin, which subsides quickly. If aftercare instructions are followed properly most women experience no side effects and return to their regular schedules immediately.

How safe is permanent makeup2019-09-17T09:11:47+00:00

SofTap® pigments have had an excellent reputation for safety and beauty for over 20 years. All pigments are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients. The safety and comfort of our clients are of the utmost concern. We strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations and universal precautions are applied. Sterile, single use, disposable, individually wrapped tools are used for each procedure.

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