Medical Tattooing Services

Areola restoration 
Areola restoration is a tattooing method to recreate the illusion of a nipple. Pennylane aids in the reconstruction for women who have had mastectomy’s due to breast cancer. This is a very delicate subject that always requires a consultation. No work can be started without a physicians clearance. Scar camouflage for areola is also a common practice for women post reduction surgery.

Scalp repigmentation
This is a highly effective technique for men and women with thinning hair. Clients often seek this treatment to create the illusion of hair density at the crown, part line, along the sides or where ever needed. Choosing scalp repigmentation you will never have to fear swimming or being caught in the rain when hair fibres and sprays won’t hold up. This is the ultimate way to restore confidence. Consultations are required.

Additional Information

Pennylane Ritchie of Pennylane Beauty has over 20 year experience as an aesthetician and makeup artist.

To the left is a video about her Areola Restoration services. This is a procedure that is usually doing following a masectomy, breast reduction or enhancement. It is not surgery, but uses paramedical tattooing to recreate the look of a nipple.

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