Even though it’s an incredibly common procedure, permanent makeup is still relatively new for many people. We are always fielding questions about how the procedure works and what clients can expect before, during, and after.

Firstly, how safe is permanent makeup?

All pigments used have had an excellent reputation for safety and beauty for over 20 years. The safety and comfort of our clients are of the utmost concern. At Pennylane, we strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations and universal precautions are applied. Sterile, single use, disposable, individually wrapped tools are used for each procedure. What to expect from permanent makeup

How long does a procedure take?

The consultation and initial procedure are done in the same session and will take approximately two hours. This includes a discussion on colour selection and desired outcome of the procedure.

A second session is booked 4-6 weeks later. Finishing touches and adjusting the colour depth will take place, if needed at this time. Sometimes, a third session may be required, there is a minimal fee for this.

Is permanent makeup painful? What is the healing process?

With the use of topical anesthetics specifically formulated for the application of permanent cosmetics, the discomfort is greatly reduced. Most of our clients describe it as slightly irritating. There may be some slight swelling and redness in the skin, which subsides quickly. If aftercare instructions are followed properly most women experience no side effects and return to their regular schedules immediately.

Can I wear traditional makeup?

Yes, of course! Permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Wearing additional makeup is a personal choice. We only ask that you abstain from wearing any makeup while your procedure heals. Remember, it is an open wound and should be treated as such.

What if I have had previous procedures?

We are happy to continue your permanent makeup procedures, along with correcting any mistakes that have been made in the past by other practitioners. However, even though you may still have pigment in your skin, we will need to perform a consultation so that we can be sure you receive the best possible results.

To find out if permanent makeup is for you or simply to ask a few questions, feel free to call us at 1 519-750-3500 or email info@aarong51.sg-host.com to book a consultation appointment.You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see more examples of our work! If you’d like to see examples of our pricing, please visit our services page.