So you’re thinking of permanent makeup! With the first documented makeup treatment happening in 1902, you’re joining millions of people who have taken the leap to add a fresh glow to their face.

Otherwise known as Cosmetic Tattooing, permanent makeup is a technique that employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup. That’s a very wordy way of saying, it allows us to apply colour directly into your skin. Sometimes this can be microblading your brows, filling in your lash line or boosting lip colour. Cosmetic tattooing can also help restore symmetry to our ever-changing face shapes. Cosmetic Tattooing Permanent Tattooing

Though the procedure is referred to as permanent, the results will fade over time. This is because the pigments used have a different molecular structure than those of traditional tattoos. They always remain implanted in the dermis layer but lose colour over time. Internal and external factors like sun exposure, exfoliating and anti-aging skincare products, and even some medications can lead to some colour fade.

But don’t fear the fade! This isn’t always a bad thing!

Your style is always changing and evolving. These fading pigments allow for the ability to change your look and transition into different styles, or even just use them as a guideline for your own traditional makeup. We suggest a colour boosting touch up every one to three years. After your procedure, you will be sent home with an aftercare protocol, created by our specialist, that will help you achieve and retain the results for the longest possible amount of time.

There are so many benefits to cosmetic tattooing, but here are four of our favourites:

Simplify your morning routine. 

Gone are the days of waking up at dawn to complete your skincare and makeup routine. Our permanent makeup procedures will guarantee that your eyebrows are already on point and your face is flush with colour. No more carrying lipstick or gloss with you, as your lips will retain their glow all day.

No more maintenance through the day.

Our faces have to endure a lot each day. That’s why maintaining a proper skincare routine is so important! With permanent makeup, you can be sure that your look will last even in the worst conditions. No more running eyeliner in the rain and snow, or worrying about your eyebrows in the humidity of an Ontario summer. No activities are off limits, keep your look on at the beach or in the pool. Mid-day makeup checks are a thing of the past. You’re free to live your busy life without the stress of keeping your makeup intact.

Natural looking makeup every time.

Our talented specialist ensures that you have a natural result every time. Using a series of mathematical equations, we base all of our permanent makeup procedures on your face shape. There is no “one-size fits all” style that we give to every client. We work based on what is perfectly determined to frame your face. Our well-trained practitioners endeavour to choose the right shape and colour to perfectly enhance your natural beauty.

Making makeup accessible for everyone. 

One of the biggest benefits of permanent makeup is its accessibility for everyone. As we age, our eyesight can start to deteriorate and hand tremors can make applying makeup frustrating and uncomfortable. Some clients with cataracts, arthritis, MS or those who have suffered a stroke, find it difficult to apply the more precision forms of makeup each day.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin! Allowing our trained specialist to permanently apply their makeup can help all of our clients feel comfortable in the skin they’re in.

Are you ready to make the jump? To find out if permanent makeup is for you or simply to ask a few questions, feel free to call us at 1 519-750-3500 or email us here to book a consultation appointment. You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see more examples of our work! If you’d like to see examples of our pricing, please visit our services page.